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I have had Julie Twyford for an attorney on more than one occasion for legal consul and recommended solutions. Mrs Twyford has been the best advocate and most prepared attorney that may exist in this area. I have attempted to consult beforehand with other attorneys before retaining Julie. However, Julie treats you and advises you with the facts of your case as it relates to the laws of the state and your personal case. She has been the most remarkable selfless and compassionate person you will encounter in the legal profession and in life.


I hired Julie Twyford to represent me in regards to my DUI/DWI case. I had just turned 21 at the time and knew I had made a serious mistake. After meeting with Julie, I was confident Mrs. Twyford was not only the best attorney for me, but that I had a fighter on my side. Before my arraignment, Mrs. Twyford explained to me everything that was going to happen and made sure I was very well prepared. She also met with me before my DOL hearing to explain the process that I would have been completely blind to. I strongly believe that due to Mrs. Twyford’s vast experience and knowledge of the law, we were able to win the case and I was able to keep my license, and my life. Thank you Julie for helping me find a light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel. I don’t know what I would have done without you. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of legal advice/help.


Professional, Passionate, Dedicated to stay the coarse, Julie is a fighter and always has her clients best interest at heart… Their are many attorneys out there but I’ve never met anyone like her…simply epically Amazing to watch in court. If you are looking for results and not just lip service then look no further than Julie… I am so proud to call her my Attorney.


Julie is awesome! My case was confusing and extremely difficult, and I needed a strong, confident attorney. Julie came highly recommended by numerous individuals. Julie is a hard working lady, and I appreciate everything that she did for me. If it wasn’t for Julie, I may have lost my business and everything that I have hard for.Thank-you, Greg.


After a 3 year long and ugly divorce, I stumbled across Julie at the court house. I had spent 10’s of thousands of dollars with other 2 other attorneys and had nothing to show for it. My situation was not looking good and the light at the end of the tunnel was getting dim. When I met with Julie, we discussed my options and she was very concerned with my expectations and where I wanted to end up. Just when I thought all hope was lost, Julie was able to get a wrongful judgement vacated and that would be the turning point in settling my case with my ex-wife. Because the opposing side knew that they would no longer be able to run me over in the court room, we settle our differences 2 months later. I pay a reasonable child support payment and get to see my children as much as any parent can ask! There is life after divorce, but only if you choose the right attorney to secure your future. I would recommend Julie to anyone as she is as good as they come. I can tell she was very busy at the time, but when it was my turn to go to court, she held nothing back to defend me and protect my future…


My daughter came to Julie A. Twyford regarding a divorce and custody case after working with a lawyer that made her anxious and gave poor advise. (My daughter wanted to move with her 5 year old daughter to Canada following the divorce/for financial and emotional support. As grandparents we had supported our granddaughter financially since birth and had visited her for a week each month.)

Julie Twyford reviewed the case from the other lawyer and relieved my daughter’s anxiety. She gave constructive guidance and realistic encouragement as to the procedures needed to gain the resulting move.

At the time of the court date Julie Twyford made sure that the appearance was before the judge she considered most appreciative of the plea of moving out of the country. She also helped us be patient with the procedure to meet the judges schedule.

Due to how Julie Twyford presented the case to the court, after three days of trial and an hour and half decision read by the judge, the decision was in favor of the move. (The alternative would have been extreme hardship and poverty for our daughter and granddaughter. ) We do thank God for Julie Twyford’s help and the judge for his consideration of our daughter’s plight.

The fees Julie Twyfod requested from us took into consideration our financial situation. For this we are extremely grateful.


When the hospital failed to do a proper handling of my grand daughter’s injuries, the prosecutor’s office dropped the ball, it left my grand daughter with no justice. Julie literally saved her life. When everyone else failed to protect her from her biologically father who sexually assaulted her, Julie fought, dug and in the end the truth came out and my daughter got full custody and the biological father didn’t even get visitation. I don’t know what we would have done without Julie.

Someone once told me that at your darkest hour God sends angles in the form of friends….well this time he sent Julie to save a little princess. Julie and her entire office staff are fantastic and we will forever remember their help and kindness at our darkest hour.


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