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Motorcycle accidents rise as the weather gets warmer and people take to the open road on their motorcycles. In Washington State, motorcycle fatalities accounted for 15% of the total deaths due to crashes in 2014. While many riders are quick to blame the driver of vehicles as the cause of the crash, statistical analysis is showing that a majority of motorcycle accidents are caused because of an error made by the motorcyclist. While the State of Washington requires that all drivers of motorcycles have a motorcycle endorsement on their license, 36% of the drivers of motorcycles killed between 2012-2014 did not have the appropriate license to operate a motorcycle.

Training for Motorcyclists is Essential

Riders who take the time to go through a motorcyclist safety course are much less likely to cause fatal errors in judgment. While vehicle operators certainly play a factor when it comes to motorcyclist safety, training is the number one way to avoid a fatal collision. The more supervised practice you get while learning how to operate a motorcycle, the better prepared you are for the road.

Safety Equipment Is Imperative

Motorcyclists who ride without a helmet are risking their lives on every ride. Even the smallest accident that occurs without a helmet on can be fatal. In the State of Washington, all motorcyclists must wear a Department of Transportation approved helmet. In addition, if you are a new rider, gloves, boots and protective clothing will help reduce scrapes and bruises.

Drugs or Alcohol is Often a Factor

Driving under the influence of either alcohol, drugs, or both was a factor in 56% of the fatalities for motorcycle riders from 2012-2014, according to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission. This is similar to the statistics for motor vehicle fatalities, which was 57%. To reduce your risk of a fatality from a motorcycle accident, do not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

When Both the Motorcyclist and Car Driver Cause the Accident

Many motorcycle accidents aren’t cut and dry when it comes to determining liability. If you were following the rules of the road, and you are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, chances are high that you aren’t going to be held liable for the accident. Sometimes weather is a factor, while sometimes it is clear that the driver of the car is 100% at fault. Authorities that respond to the scene of the accident will determine the percentage of fault for all motorists. If you are hurt in a motorcycle accident and less than 50% at fault, you can sue for personal injury.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal injury lawsuits are designed to provide financial compensation to the person who is injured. Compensation can include money for lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and pain and suffering. If you are not able to return to work because of your injuries, it’s important to meet with a personal injury lawyer who can review the merits of your case.

Determining Your Losses

Losses in a personal injury lawsuit are considered both measurable, and non-measurable. Losses that you can measure are easy to calculate. These are losses such as medical bills, and wages, all of which are easy to add up and come up with a number. The losses you can’t measure, such as pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment require more work in order to prove. In general, the more serious your injuries are, the higher amount of compensation you should receive.

Your Non-Pecuniary Losses

Pain and suffering are subjective. It is important that you work closely with your medical providers while you recover from your injuries. It is your treatment team who will be evaluating your losses and providing proof to your pain and suffering. If you skip out on treatment, it will appear as though you aren’t really hurt. Work closely with your entire treatment team to get the best help possible for your injuries.

A Medical End to Treatment

Once your medical providers have decided that you are at a medical end to treatment, this means you are as recovered as you are going to be from your injuries. If you are now permanently disabled and unable to work, this will factor in to your financial award if you win your personal injury lawsuit. You will be able to include future lost wages if it is determined that you will no longer be able to work.

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