Crafting the best possible defense requires extensive courtroom experience and a keen understanding of the facts. Our familiarity with area courts and knowledge of a wide range of defense strategies allow us to analyze your case from every angle. If there is a hole in the case against you, we will find it.

Establishing Self-Defense

A disagreement can quickly escalate into a more serious matter. Disputes with a neighbor, an altercation at a bar or a family dispute can get out of control and leave you facing charges of assault, manslaughter or murder. Even if you did not start the fight and were simply defending yourself, you may be charged with a violent crime. You need a lawyer with experience with cases involving self-defense. We have helped many clients who found themselves charged with crimes for defending themselves. We can help you present the strong defense you deserve.

Domestic Violence Defense

When accusations of domestic violence lead to criminal charges, they are often charged as first, second, third or fourth degree assault. Self-defense is often an issue when family disputes become physical. Domestic violence cases involve different evidentiary and sentencing issues than other assault cases, and they should be handled by an attorney with experience in the area.

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