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Can I Move from Spokane and Take My Kids with Me?

Parents living in Spokane often ask their family law attorneys whether they can move their children to another city or state. The answer will depend upon the unique circumstances of your situation. The most important rule to bear in mind is that you should never relocate the children without obtaining legal advice about the procedures […]

Michael Phelps Discusses His DUI Conviction

Drivers who are arrested for driving under the influence in Spokane and other Washington communities understand what Michael Phelps meant when he told Sports Illustrated that he was in “a really dark place” after his 2014 DUI arrest. An arrest for driving under the influence is the only time that most people become involved in […]

Driver Arrested for DUI after Falling Asleep in a Drive-Thru

A defense that DUI attorneys in Spokane raise in appropriate cases is that the arrested individual was not driving and therefore cannot be convicted of driving under the influence. Unfortunately, that defense will not help a driver like the one whose arrest recently made the news when he was found passed out at Taco Bell […]