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Can Police Search My Car?

Can the Cops search my car? In Washington, police cannot search a car without a search warrant. A warrant must be obtained from a court, and police must carry out the search within a certain designated time frame. In 2012, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that police must obtain a search warrant in order […]

Capital Punishment in Washington

What is Capital Punishment in Washington? Eight men sit on death row in Washington. None are scheduled to be executed, and it’s possible they never will be. In 2014, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee issued a moratorium on executions while he is in office. This decree does not change the sentence for the men facing execution, […]

Magic of Storytelling Book Drop Off

Magic of Storytelling Partnership A recent national study showed that almost two-thirds of fourth graders read at or below a basic level. It’s an alarming statistic, and those unable to improve their literacy in the coming years face a future of immense struggle. Twyford Law Office is proud of its role in positively impacting that […]

Power of Story Telling

  Sponsoring Stevens Elementary School   Twyford Law Office is pleased to announce its dedication to Inland Northwest communities in the Magic of Storytelling campaign. Powered by ABC and Disney, we will present books to Title I schools, benefiting literacy programs across many counties. The children come first, and we’re pleased to offer the chance […]

What You Should Do If You Get A DUI

DUI Numbers Increasing The numbers of DUI and DWI convictions over the past 10 years has skyrocketed, and that is because law enforcement agencies across the United States have literally been cracking down hard on drinking and driving, and the results have meant a dramatic increases in arrests. Emotionally DUI arrests can be pretty bad, […]